Passage to Empowerment

Find your Brilliance, Power, and Love every week or reconnect with it while sharing a laugh or two and heartwarming stories of life!  Follow the Radio Schedule below to see what’s coming up and what we’re up to!

Next Radio Broadcast Monday August 18 7pm PDT/11pm EDT

Empowering Others


To call in: (646-727-2914).  You can also listen in or chat by clicking here on day of sh0w http:


Nina: 456364_10151338384125282_38978847_o
Lydia: 1471911_10152153739788933_1561198339_n Website: Time 2 Love w/Lydia Pellow


One thought on “Passage to Empowerment

  1. I have nominated you for “The Liebster Award” because I checked out your blog and think it is quite noteworthy! I was nominated by Abysmal Heights, which I thank him for, and I am passing on the good possibilities. This is for people with blogs that have less than 200 followers. Here’s a link: The Liebster Award to give you more information to participate, if you should choose to do so. Take care and again I liked what I saw on your blog, which is why you are one of the 11 I chose. –BrendaB

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